Tuition Express

At The Growing Place Preschool, we are constantly looking at ways to improve on the service we provide you and your children. With this in mind, we are pleased to announce our new, preferred method of collecting and processing tuition and fee payments. 

Tuition Express, part of our ProCare Software management system, will allow us to process tuition and fee payment safely, quickly and efficiently. In a matter of minutes we will accomplish what has taken us hours to complete—leaving us more time to spend with your children.

Once enrolled in Tuition Express, your tuition and fee payments will be paid automatically and on a schdeule that we both agree upon. The Growing Place Preschool can produce a receipt for the payment or you can receive instant email notification by signing up at

If you are interested please pick up registration forms in the office, which you can also find on the Tuition Express website. You have three options for payment through Tuition Express.

   1.       Register for “Electronic Funds Transfer for Bank Account Authorization”. This    method allows The Growing Place to initiate debit entries from your checking or    savings account.
    2.       Register for “ Electronic Funds Transfer for Credit Card Authorization”. This    allows The Growing Place to make recurring credit card charges on your    designated card. We accept Visa & Mastercard.
   3.       Use your credit card at school, no registering required. We accept Visa &    Mastercard.

Your personal account information is safe with Tuition Expres – safer, in fact than paying by check. Automated payments have proven safer than writing checks and eliminate potential check fraud or identity theft.