Church Greeting

It is a pleasure to offer The Growing Place Preschool to this community as a part of the ministry of The United Methodist Church of Westlake Village. We are proud to continue the long tradition of high quality education at The Growing Place.

We respect and welcome all families and faith traditions. We offer a developmentally appropriate curriculum, which celebrates the rich diversity of the families in our school.

Whether you worship with us or not, whether you believe as we do or not, we want to be a part of your community and walk with you in the amazing journey of parenting and raising young people. We are vitally interested in the spiritual nurture and care of our children and families. For that reason, children and families share their religious/ spiritual traditions with one another at times during the year in a way that is accepting and celebratory.

United Methodist Church of Westlake Village hopes to offer special classes and activities to the children and families of The Growing Place. These will be presented outside the regular Growing Place program to those who wish to participate. Events will be designed to meet the needs of our children, parents/guardians, and families, as we help to strengthen families spiritually and provide you with resources to effectively navigate in a world that is not always friendly to young children and their families. We hope you will take advantage of these opportunities.

The pastors and staff of our church are available to Growing Place families who have questions, concerns, or family needs. We hope to hear from you regarding how we might create those opportunities for community and growing together. Please call us through the church office at (805) 497-7884. May God bless your experience with The Growing Place.


Pastor Walt - Senior Pastor

Kristi Smith - Pastor Conejo Connect Family Ministry